Cranberry Apple Crumble Pie

This spiced Cranberry Apple Crumble Pie is a great dessert for Thanksgiving or Christmas!

Good morning!  I woke up with a bit of a cold or bad allergies this morning, and have been moving around the house rather sluggishly as a result.  When I’m just mildly sick like this, I can never decide whether to be all tough and go tackle my daily workout and other projects OR to sit still and rest for awhile.  I feel just ok enough to try to work on some projects, but at the same time my body is saying, “Stop!”

In today’s post, we’re doing two things!  #1:  I have compiled a list of 15 Thanksgiving dinner recipe ideas that are on my website.  #2:  I’m sharing a delicious Cranberry Apple Crumble Pie recipe!

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Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Bagels

These healthy bagels are made with whole wheat and almond flours, and contain dark chocolate chips!

Daylight Savings Time is over for this year, and I’m having a little trouble adjusting.  You would think that an extra hour of sleep would leave me feeling energetic and ready to tackle this week, but no.  Instead I just feel groggy and tired over here.  Seriously, can we PLEASE do away with DST?  It doesn’t accomplish anything and is just a nuisance for everyone involved.

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Turkey Black Bean Baked Empanadas

A healthier take on empanadas, this baked, whole wheat version is stuffed with ground turkey, black beans, and a little cheddar cheese.

Today’s recipe is my latest attempt to expand my repertoire and appreciation of foods that are native to other countries.  I’ll be honest; I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to making traditional empanadas.  I did some research and then decided to give them my own spin.  From what I’ve seen/read, empanadas vary a lot from region to region anyway. 🙂

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Buttermilk Peanut Butter Muffins

If you’re a peanut butter fan, then you’ll enjoy these moist Buttermilk Peanut Butter Muffins!

It is a beautiful day outside!!  The sun is shining and the temperature is around 60 degrees.  I’m so excited about this weather, and am definitely planning to get outside and take advantage of it!  I love the outdoors, especially this time of year.  The crisp air gives me energy and makes me feel like I can accomplish something amazing!  (Like…picking up the thousand branches in the yard that fell down after all the windy days this past weekend.)  Haha.

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Toasted Oats and Chocolate Snack Mix

Toasted oats, dark chocolate, and nuts are combined in this sweet and salty snack mix.

Good morning!  It got down to about 40 degrees here last night and we didn’t turn the heat on, so the house feels a little chilly.  I’m thinking some logs crackling in the fireplace and a cup of hot apple cider would be nice right about now.  It won’t be cold outside for long though, so if I were to build a fire I would already be warm again by the time the fire really got started! 🙂

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Fudgy Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

One of my all time favorite desserts!  This fudgy Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake can be decorated for any occasion!

If there is anything I have learned from perusing various baking blogs, it is that I really have no idea what I am doing when it comes to cake decorating.  There was a time when I was able to put flowers and some kinds of gorgeous things on top of cakes, but I’ve gotten rusty from very little practice.  “You don’t use it you lose it”, is right! 

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Broiled BBQ Trout & Asparagus

Easy and delicious, this trout is marinated in BBQ sauce and seasonings, broiled, and then baked to give it lots of flavor!

I started writing this post earlier today and I just couldn’t finish because my brain felt like it weighed a million pounds.  I’m currently fighting a head cold where my ears are so stopped up that it feels like I’m wearing ear muffs.  Thankfully the monstrous headache I had earlier is temporarily gone.  I was all motivated to get some things done anyway, and guess what?  I’m pretty sure I’ve accomplished almost nothing.  Oh well.  Sometimes you just have to rest and get better and then catch up.

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