Photos of the Week – Chesapeake Bay

Happy Monday!  It’s been a little while since I shared a Photo of the Week post, so I thought I would write one this evening.

I seem to recall promising that I would post more pictures from my trip to Virginia Beach (which took place back in December), but as as you can see, that never happened.  (Oops.)  Life got busy and I completely forgot.  And I’m guessing most of you did too.  Haha.  In that case, I don’t feel too bad. 🙂

So, going back to about 4 months ago…

On two different days during my visit, I drove up to First Landing State Park to have a look around.  My first stop was Chesapeake Bay.  On the second day I explored some of the park’s hiking trails (more on that next time).


The chilly weather ensured that I had the beach almost all to myself.




I was surprised at how clear the water was.  I didn’t realize Chesapeake Bay was so beautiful!


And, of course, an obligatory selfie was in order, just to show I had been there.


It feels strange to post a picture of me wearing a sweater and candy cane earrings in April, but hey.  Whatever.

Have a good one and I’ll be back to share another recipe sometime this week! 😀



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