Photos of the Week – Daffodils

Hey all!  It’s a beautiful weekend out of doors and I am almost finished with packing.  We will soon be vacating our current residence.   I’ll miss this cute, little house, but I’m excited about our new house as well.  It will be an “adventure”.  😉

Anyone who peruses this blog regularly may find themselves tired of flower photos.  (Sorry, I can’t help it.  Spring is in the air, and with it flowers and bright colors.)  I was just thinking the other day about how I miss the daffodils.  I’ve yet to see any here in Florida.  Maybe it doesn’t get cold enough?

Daffodils were always some of the earliest flowers to show up when I was a kid (that and the tulips), and therefore they always make me think of spring and Easter.  They’re a bright and sunny reminder that summer is on the way. 🙂


I love how there are so many combinations of colors and shapes with the daffodil petals; I can’t decide which color is my favorite.




Which one do you like best?



2 thoughts on “Photos of the Week – Daffodils

  1. craftownecottage says:

    I have a bunch of green popping up, my daffodils will be blooming in the next week or so. We keep getting snow so it’s not helping them. I also have a bunch of daylilies and bleeding hearts coming up along with some peonies. Snow is not my friend right now. lol Your daffodil photos are beauties.


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