Quick Cranberry Sauce

This Cranberry Sauce is the perfect combination of sweet and tart, and takes only ten minutes to throw together.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day!  I won’t be posting on the blog because I will be spending time with family and enjoying some tasty food. 🙂  However, I decided to share one more holiday recipe at the last minute this evening:  Quick Cranberry Sauce (my favorite)!

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I like any excuse to cook and bake, so I have fun with that around the holidays.  Today I spent most of the afternoon making dinner rolls, a dessert, and this tasty cranberry sauce.


This recipe is my grandma’s.  When I was a kid, she often made cranberry sauce around Thanksgiving, and I loved it so much that I would eat it out of a bowl with a spoon.  (Um, actually I still do that.  No putting cranberry sauce on turkey for me.  I eat the sauce by itself!)


You only need three ingredients:  cranberries, an orange, and sugar.  Throw everything in the blender and done!

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

Quick Cranberry Sauce

  • Servings: about 3 cups
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  • 12 oz cranberries
  • 1 large orange, peeled and quartered
  • 1 cup refined sugar


Combine all ingredients in blender or food processor and blend.  Serve!


~K in the Kitchen


4 thoughts on “Quick Cranberry Sauce

    • I actually had to do some research to answer this because I had no idea! It was always just something we do. Cranberries are one of only a few fruits that are native to North America. Recipes containing them date back to the 18th century, but I know Native Americans used them long before that. The early European settlers here were likely introduced to them by the Native Americans and gradually cranberry sauce or relish has come to be a Thanksgiving Day tradition. :). Maybe the Pilgrims and Native Americans had cranberries at their first Thanksgiving feast in 1621? Who knows.

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