Photos of the Week – Moss

Good afternoon!  To all those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving Day this week, I hope you have an enjoyable holiday! 🙂  I’m looking forward to some beautiful weather and spending time with family.

For today’s “Photos of the Week” post, I picked something a little random. 🙂  Yes, they’re pictures of moss.  For whatever reason, I’ve been fascinated with moss since I was a kid.  It’s beautiful in a unique way.  I always loved when I would find a spot in the woods where the ground was covered with a thick layer of moss.  It felt like I had entered a mysterious land of some sort.  (Maybe I just have too big of an imagination.)

I tried doing a little research to find out what kind of moss this is, but was unsuccessful.  If anyone knows, please tell me! 🙂

Moss KintheKitchen





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