Photos of the Week – Lee Creek, Arkansas

This Sunday afternoon is a drowsy, slightly rainy one.   I was a little sad to miss our town’s Fall Festival today, but once I got home from church and realized how tired I was (and recognized the fact that I don’t currently have a car to get there haha), I’m ok with it.  I’ve been kicked back with some reading for awhile, and decided to take a break and write a blog post.  (Is that actually considered a “break”?  Not sure.  I find posting on my blog to be relaxing though.)

Today I’m sharing a few photos from one of my favorite places, a portion of Lee Creek in Devil’s Den State Park, Arkansas.  There will definitely be other posts about Devil’s Den in the future, as it has been one of my family’s preferred camping spots for years and I literally have hundreds of pictures from the park.  It’s small, but beautiful and secluded, nestled in the rolling hills of the Ozarks.  One of my favorite activities at Devil’s Den is walking along Lee Creek.  A footpath, worn from so many exploring campers over the years, runs alongside the creek.  The beautiful blue-green water is surrounded by woods, unique rocks and cliffs, and beds of moss.

This particular set of pictures was taken with my iPhone in poor lighting and so they didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked.  I definitely need to pull out some of the photos taken with my higher quality camera, in order to do a better job capturing the beauty of this area.


Lee Creek Dam is one of the main attractions in the tiny park.



Pictures really don’t do justice to the unique color of the water.


My favorite spot:


Exploring with siblings is often more fun than alone (um, make that sometimes more fun).  I’m always torn between the desire to share these beautiful scenes with others and wanting to enjoy them in complete silence, alone.




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