Photo(s) of the Week – Country Scenes


Good afternoon!  🙂  Today has been a busy one so far.  With church this morning and a quick stop at my in-laws to visit and have some much needed lunch, this extroverted introvert needed some rest after arriving home just a little while ago.  I decided that some Sunday afternoon baking was in order, and I currently have a pumpkin roll cooling on my counter.  I’m really hoping this roll turns out, because I attempted making one on Friday and it ended up a bit of a disaster.  Ok, it was a complete disaster actually, but it wasn’t my fault and it still tasted amazing.  (I can’t always say that.)  If my pumpkin roll turns out as delicious as I am hoping, I will be sharing the recipe soon.

Today, you get to see some more of my favorite random photos.  (Yay?)  By the way, I have a lot of these, so it could take a very long time to get through them all. 😉

#1:  A daisy along the side of an isolated hiking trail in the Ozarks (Arkansas).

Daisy KintheKitchen

#2:  Another member of Florida’s endless lizard population, the Brown Anole.  This lizard is native to Cuba and the Bahamas, but was introduced to Florida in the 1800s and is now found in other parts of the southern U.S. as well.  It is considered invasive and has had a negative impact on other lizard populations as it reproduces rapidly and is more aggressive than some of the native lizards.  I’ve also heard that Brown Anoles are edible, but that recipe is NOT one that will be appearing on my blog anytime soon.

If you’re interested in more information on this lizard, go here.

Lizard KintheKitchen

#3:  Relaxing country scene – an old barn in a field of flowers.  (Taken in Arkansas shortly before I moved to Florida.)

Old Barn and Flowers KintheKitchen

#4:  A winding path I want to follow through the fields.

Winding Path KintheKitchen

#5:  Apple blossoms in mid-April.  (This is one of my all time favorite photos that I have taken.)

Apple Blossons KintheKitchen

Have a great rest of the weekend and I’ll be back with another recipe tomorrow!  I’m off to check on my pumpkin roll. 🙂












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