Photo(s) of the Week – Tiny Creatures

After last week’s Photo(s) of the Week post turned into a book, I’m keeping it short today.

So, for your perusal, here are a few “tiny creature” close-ups that I’ve taken at the beach and around the yard.  (Although, I have to give Casey credit for taking the last one.) 🙂

#1:  Portuguese Man o’ War.  I found this one washed up on the beach, and have always been fascinated with these animals.  Unlike a jellyfish (which is a single organism), a Man o’ War is a colony of multiple organisms that work together in order to function as one animal.  So.  Cool.  Of course, the painful sting they can deliver isn’t so cool, but as long as I’m at a safe distance I find them intriguing and beautiful.  Look at that lovely blue color!


#2:  Snail.  I’m not an expert on snails, but I love to watch them.  Isn’t it amazing that these little animals literally carry their houses around on their backs?  What if we could do that?  “Ok, I’ve had enough of you guys.  I’m just going to go sit in my house for awhile.”  *parks in the middle of the sidewalk and retreats into shell*  (There are times when that might be nice, haha…)  Anyway, from what I can see, this little snail is actually considered an invasive, predatory snail, and is termed a Rosy Wolfsnail or Cannibal Snail.  Basically, it eats other snails and slugs for food by swallowing them whole or sucking them out of their shells.  Yeah.  Not a nice guy.  (Still think he’s cute?)


#3:  Honestly, I have no idea what this is.  I assume it’s a type of small jellyfish, possibly a Comb Jellyfish or some jellyfish tissue, but I don’t know for sure.  Anyone else know?  I’m curious.


#4:  And last, but not least, here is the new friend Casey and I made while hauling logs.  Apologies for moving your home, buddy, but we had to clear those branches.




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