Photo(s) of the Week – Florida Life/(Hurricane Life?)

Good morning from the Sunshine State!  *slight sarcasm*  Here is the latest from our fort.  We officially went under a Hurricane Warning late yesterday morning.  The rain began yesterday evening and has continued through the night.  We still have power (for the moment), and I woke up at 3 a.m. this morning and couldn’t sleep, so I figured I might as well write a blog post.  

Irma’s outer bands are currently pummeling southern Florida, and she is expected to pass the Florida keys between 7 and 8 a.m. this morning.  During the night, the hurricane once again upgraded to a Cat 4 as it began moving away from Cuba (thanks a lot, Irma).  The current forecast shows Irma sweeping up the west coast of Florida over today and tomorrow, but the storm is so wide that it will be felt all over the state.  Thousands of people are already without power, and our local electric utility here in North Florida is expecting outages lasting a week or more.  The next 24 hours (excuse me, week?) are going to be interesting for sure.

I’m currently watching the storm on radar, and just cannot get over how massive this hurricane is.  For the sake of all the people and their homes in Irma’s path, I do wish the thing would go away and fizzle out before hurting anyone else.  At the same time the weather nerd in me finds it fascinating to watch the storm and marvel over how all the right things (or wrong things?) come together to make something like this develop and sustain itself.  The power in that hurricane is incredible.  It’s a reminder to me of God’s power, because the Bible states emphatically that he sets the boundaries of the oceans; they are at his command.  That kind of power is difficult (ok, impossible) for my human mind to comprehend.

We have a week’s worth of food and water here at the fort, and yesterday we were able to take down the two most threatening trees standing near our dwelling at the last minute.  (I’m praying and hoping the others stay up or fall any direction but toward the house.)  “Hey, even if landing on my car will make you feel better, then do that, but please not on the house.  Got it?”

No, I’m not talking to the trees again.  Not out loud anyway.  I wouldn’t want to concern anyone who might be listening.

I’m guessing it will be awhile before my next post, so have a great few days…week…whatever.  As I sit inside listening to the rain and wind over the next 30 hours, I’m going to keep the following images of Florida’s beautiful beaches in mind.  As I think of these pictures, I will repeat over and over to myself, “I love the ocean and beaches are great”.

Beaches Florida Life KintheKitchen

Oh, yeah, totally worth it.  (Famous last words.)

Beaches Florida Life - KintheKitchen

Beaches Florida Life KintheKitchen





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