Photo(s) of the Week – Random

When I was in high school, I saved up some money to buy a camera.  I then proceeded to carry said camera around with me wherever I went, taking pictures of anything and everything.  Over the years, my well loved camera became outdated and eventually died, and has now been replaced.  I still have stacks of DVDs filled with pictures from those times, and I enjoy going through and looking at some of them every once in awhile.  I found these four photos recently while clicking through a series of outdoor shoots.

#1:  Fall colors – a leaf with water droplets after a thunderstorm.

Leaf after storm - KintheKitchen

#2:  Dragonfly.

Dragonfly - KintheKitchen

#3:  Pinnacle Mountain, Little Rock, Arkansas.  Photo taken near the West Summit Trail.  The trail is 1.5 miles in length (there and back) and has an elevation gain of 741 feet.  My favorite way to hike Pinnacle?  Climb to the top and then run back down (while being very careful not to fall on my face).

Pinnacle Mountain KintheKitchen

#4:  Fresh green grapes grown by a neighbor near my parents’ house.

Fresh Green Grapes - KintheKitchen



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