Photo(s) of the Week – Flowers

Over the last few weeks, my “Photo(s) of the Week” posts have been a little bit longer.  I enjoy sharing pictures of places I have visited as well as the history and interesting facts behind said locations, but this time I’m taking a break from that to share a few of my favorite flower photos that I’ve taken over the years.  I use the term “favorite” loosely, because I have a lot of them.  🙂

1.  Tiger Lilies – this picture was taken at my grandparents’ house during my college years.  Both of my grandmas definitely have a green thumb when it comes to flowers, and I spent a fair amount of time walking around their flower beds looking for photo opportunities.

Tiger Lilies - KintheKitchen

2.  Hens and Chicks – photo also taken at my grandma’s house.  These little succulents are very hardy.  The main plant is referred to as the “hen”, and the “chicks” are its offshoots.  They start as little buds on the main plant and then form their own roots, growing close to the mother plant.

Hens and Chicks KintheKitchen

3.  Red Roses – I believe these were from a bouquet my dad gave my mom for Valentine’s Day one year.

RedRose KintheKitchen

4.  Passion Flower – picture taken while on a walk near my parents’ house when I was in college.  I had never seen one of these unique flowers before and had to do a little research to find out what it was.

Passion Flower KintheKitchen

New cookie recipe coming your way tomorrow!  🙂



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